Let's get started with SFI!

As explained on your "Welcome to SFI" Page, getting started making money with SFI is as easy as earning points for doing simple free actions. For your complete list of pointable actions, see your SFI To-Do List located on your SFI homepage.

I would like to introduce you to one of SFI opportunities... FREE Entrepreneur365 (E365) contest.

As a new SFI affiliate, you are automatically enrolles into E365. Here's how it works:

E365 is a challenge in which you compete with every other SFI affiliate who joined SFI the same day you did. The idea is to outlast them all and, on your 365th day in SFI, be named the champion of your class—an Entrepreneur365 Champion!

As an E365 Champion, you'll receive special corporate recognition, a spot on the E365 "hall of fame" Website, bragging rights, and a handsome plaque for your office wall to commemorate your achievement, and more. AND, along the way, you will have the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, too!

The E365 competition is based on VersaPoints and is divided into six rounds.

Your first round starts immediately. By the end of the round, you simply need to be "above the green line" to advance to the second round of the challenge. And just by advancing, you will immediately win your first E365 prize!

What do we mean about the green line? You'll find the "green line" on the E365 Leaderboard. It displays the MEDIAN number of VersaPoints scored by all the members of your class to date who are in the contest. To advance to the next round and win a prize, you simply need to score more points than the median (i.e. be above the green line).

If you're still in your first 30 days in SFI and you're currently ABOVE the green line, good job, keep up the great work! If you're UNDER the green line, however, don't panic. All you need to do is take more actions on your To-Do List, and score some more points before the round ends.

All of the first five rounds use the same simple rule: Stay above the green line and you advance—and win more prizes (and the prizes get BIGGER each round). For the sixth and final round, to be named Entrepreneur365 Champion, you'll simply need to accumulate the most VP in your class by the end of your 365th day. More on this in later lessons...

I think E365 is a really fun contest, and it gives you some great goals to shoot for during your first year in SFI. Plus, you've probably already figured out that while you're competing in E365, you're, of course, also accumulating LOTS of VersaPoints—points that can put money in your pocket from the TripleClicks Executive Pool.

Good luck in E365!